Giving Back

Melissa's Klassy Kitchen believes that food security should be something all Canadians and people around the world should enjoy. We know how blessed we are not to worry about what our next meal will be and we want others to feel this security in their own lives. We believe in equitable access to food for all and strive to support those working hard to make this a reality. 

Unite for Change illuminates this growing problem in Canada:

"Food insecurity is a serious problem in Canada. In fact, 1 in 6 children risk going hungry. This means many children go to school hungry, without any snacks or lunch in their backpacks. With higher rates of unemployment due to COVID-19, the issue has surged.

    • 1 in 5 children go to school on an empty stomach.2
    • 2 hours a day of productivity is loss when students go to school hungry.3
    • 3.56X more likely for Black Canadian households to be food insecure than white households.4
    • 70% of Nunavut’s population live in food insecurity.5

In November 2021, MKK had a campaign to donate 10% of all profits to the local Salvation Army food bank in Williams Lake. We were thrilled to send boxes of MKK baking mixes and ingredients to 4 families in Williams Lake in need who also need options for food allergies. We were so excited to give these families some gluten free, plant based treats to enjoy for the Christmas holidays. Thank you for supporting this important cause!

Food Bank donation boxes of MKK mixes and ingredients

We are so excited to announce that as of March 2022, 1% of the profits from each product sold will go to support food security in Canada. At the end of each year, a charity supporting this cause will be chosen for the donation. Work with us to help end food insecurity in Canada and beyond!

Want to join the cause? Below are some places you can give or learn more on how you can be part of the change to bring food security to Canada and beyond:

Canadian Food Charities:

  • Canada Helps: Pick a gift in your budget from their database to give food to the hungry through a Canadian or International charity
  • Unite for Change: donate to the cause to end food insecurity and give to the End Hunger Fund supporting over 400 charities across Canada
  • Food Secure Canada: Learn why food insecurity in the North of Canada is a growing problem and support the right to food for Indigenous Peoples in Canada
Williams Lake Food Charities:

International Food Charities:

  • Food for the Hungry: based out of Langley, BC, this organization provides sponsorship opportunities to children around the globe, a sustainable gift guide and many other ways to give back internationally.
  • Rise Against Hunger: support this International organization working to realize the United Nations Goal #2 of Zero Hunger
  • Action Against Hunger: help communities get to the root problems of hungry and support this organization to "address the social, organizational, and technical challenges that cause hunger" and work towards a more sustainable future.

Thank you for helping us support sustainable and equitable access to food across Canada and the world. Every small gift or action makes a difference!