About Us

PC: Roberta McLean Photography
Melissa's Klassy Kitchen was founded by Melissa Klassen, a celiac who loves to cook. She has a passion for tasty foods and has always loved the challenge of making foods "without" certain ingredients still taste delicious! She wanted to share her tried and true recipes with others who are eliminating foods from their diet. From her own experience of eating gluten and dairy free, Melissa understands what makes "good" allergy friendly food. She strives to offer her best homemade creations that will satisfy your cravings and taste delicious.
As a celiac, she knows the importance of safe practices with food handling and ensures all precautionary measures are taken. While we cannot make any guarantees, we do our best to ensure no cross contamination occurs.


We are a local, women owned company to Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada founded in 2021. You can order our products at our online store or use the Find Us page to see what stores we are available in across BC and Alberta. 

Our Values

Natural Ingredients

We source high quality, all natural ingredients from Canadian sources whenever possible. We do not use any fillers or additives and even stay away from xanthan gum due to its highly processed nature. 

Zero Waste Policy

We believe that no food should be wasted. Any of the excess baking mixes in production are saved and used for making samples later on. Any products with old or incorrect packing or any products nearing their end of life are sold through our partner, Peko Produce, at a discounted rate or donated to food banks.

Care for Others

We want our products to not only meet the needs of our customers for their allergy-friendly baking options, but also give back to people facing food insecurity. We strive to source ethically produced, fair trade ingredients whenever possible because we care about the people we buy from.

Care for Nature

We are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, whether that is finding a use for any food waste we produce, offering bulk options, reusing shipping materials and reducing unnecessary packaging and paper.

Gluten Free Always

Everything we make is 100% gluten free, but made in a facility that does process other products with gluten. However, we work hard in partnership with our co-packer to ensure the safety of our products being packaged and thoughtfully strive to reduce cross-contamination. 


Everything we make is tested for success without the use of any dairy, eggs or animal based products. We believe that introducing more plant-based options into our diet is a win for everyone.