We Support the UN Goal #2: No Hunger

We passionately support the UN's Sustainable Development Goal #2: No Hunger.
The recent lettuce shortage in California has only exacerbated worries about the rising price of food. It has certainly made us aware of a greater need for shorter food supply lines and the importance of supporting our local food producers. However, if you've lived through a winter in Canada, it gets increasingly hard to find fresh local produce!
While this struggle continues to affect us all, it also makes me reflect on the struggles other people are facing. I am so grateful to be able to buy a head of $9 lettuce if I really want to. However, not everyone can afford that luxury. I have a pantry and freezer full of food to fall back on if prices are high are the grocery store and I need to tighten my belt for a bit. That is not a reality for some. 
I have always desired to support people in need of food. When my family lived in the Philippines, I volunteering for a "feeding program" where we cooked huge meals and brought it to people on the streets each week to eat and connect. As I started a food business, the idea of making sure people with food allergies and food insecurity have enough to eat has been a big focus of our giving back.
I loved to hear about the Canadian Celiac Association's similar initiative to add a "Save Me For Gluten Free" sign on their donations to food banks, to ensure those people have enough safe food to eat. Last year, we donated boxes of our mixes with the ingredients to make them to our local food bank. I remember being worried that it would get to the right hands - to the people with allergies who really needed it. This year, when I drop off my boxes (big thanks in part to the Medieval Market sales, of which 5% of profits will be given back to food initiatives locally), I intend to add these signs to ensure my allergy friendly donations get to the people who need them the most! I would encourage you to do the same and read more about CCA's initiative here.
COVID has made food insecurity even more prominent across the globe. This article by Compassion illuminates how great this struggle has become internationally. It makes my heart hurt to think of people who have to fight constantly for themselves and their children to have enough food on the table.
We can't help everyone, but every bit we give helps. As a business, it's important to us to first give back locally as we know there are people right here in our town who struggle. But secondly, we see the importance of looking outwards and giving aid to other countries also in desperate need. 
Would you join us this Christmas in giving back to the fight for food security? Whether that's in your hometown or somewhere in the world. Every bit counts. 
Below are some of the organizations we support in the fight to end hunger:
Please add your own ideas of ways to give back in the comments. 

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